Beidler CV (complete)
Invisible Cities: A Collaborative Book Venture at Constellation
Studios, Lincoln, Ne. Organizer, Karen Kunc

Atlanta Printmakers Studio 5th Biennial Print Portfolio
: Deep South and Down Under Partnering with Firestation
Print Studio in Melbourne, Australia

Art Papers 17th annual auction, Atlanta, Georgia, (invited artist)


Atlanta Print Biennial: International Exhibition
, Barbara Archer
Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.  (Juror, Beauvais Lyons)
McClain’s Award for Relief Process: Anne Beidler: “Memory Journeys
Series #1,” 2013. Photo-plate etching with relief printing and chine
colle.  See more at:

The Book as Art: 21st Century Meets Tradition, Atlanta Institute
of Art, Decatur. Ga. (Juror, Brian Dettmer)
Review: Books become magical objects in “The Book as Art”
August 28, 2013mBY JERRY CULLUM See more at: http://www.


"Gardens and Gateways: Journeys With-in the Vision of Han-
shan" The ASIANetwork EXCHANGE, A Journal for Asian
Studies in the Liberal Arts, Spring 2011


Process as a Journey,  Southeastern College Art Conference
(SECAC fall 2012)

Visualizing the Buddhist Sensibility from the Poetry of
HanShan”   ASIANetwork Conference, Emory University

The University of Georgia Cortona Program.  Cortona, Italy
Visiting artist talk:        
    “Finding Your Creative Voice via Artist Books”
biography and information:

B.A. in Anthropology from Earlham College
B.F.A. University of Connecticut at Storrs.  
M.F.A. University of Massachusetts-Amherst.  

Anne Beidler has been on the faculty of Agnes Scott College in
Decatur, Georgia since 1992, where she is a Professor in the
Department of Art and Art History. She teaches drawing,
printmaking, artist bookmaking and an occasional first-year

Beidler’s work has been selected for inclusion in exhibitions
throughout the United States and internationally, over the course
of the last 30 years. In 2000, Beidler received the Southeastern
College Art Conference, (SECAC) “Annual Award for Creative
Achievement” at the mid-point in her career.  She has been a
visiting artist and speaker at a number of colleges and
universities including Rollins College in Florida, the University
of Georgia-Cortona Program, Tulane University and Seoul
Women’s University in Korea.  

Her work is in private and public collections, including those of
the Kennedy Museum of Ohio University, special collections at
the University of Connecticut, special collections at Auburn
University, the Wiregrass Museum in Alabama and the School of
the Art Institute of Chicago (Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection).
Beidler has participated in numerous print portfolios, including
Travel/Distance: A Print Portfolio Exchange Between Artists
From the USA and the Czech Republic, (curated by Anita Jung
and  Eva Vlasakova,) and  25 x 25  #19  Body Art, The Print Club,
Philadelphia, Pa. (Richard Frey, organizer). Most recently,
“Where we have gone, before we go”, for the Southern Graphics
Council International Conference 2017 (Jen Scheuer,

Beidler served on the Southeastern College Art Conference
(SECAC) Board of Directors from 1996 through 2002, as the
representative from Georgia.  She published an article on her
creative work and process in the ASIANetwork Journal, spring
2011.  She has presented papers at numerous professional
conferences including the College Art Association, the Asian
Network Conference at Emory University, The Southeastern
College Art Association and the Southern Graphics Council.  

Atlanta Print Biennial (international) Kai Lin Art Atlanta,

Art Papers 18th annual auction, Atlanta, Georgia, (invited artist)

Southern Graphics Council International,
Members Print
Exchange, to be exhibited at the SGCI in Atlanta, Ga.

Outliers Exhibition: Printmaking Faculty in Georgia for the SGCI
annual conference. Callanwolde House, Atlanta, Ga.

Where We Have Gone, Before We Go, International Printmaking
Exchange Portfolio, to be exhibited at the Southern Graphics Council
International, annual conference, Atlanta, Ga. juror/organizer, Jen

Beyond Printmaking 5, exhibition organized by the Printmaking
Area and Landmark Arts at Texas Tech School of Art, Lubbock Texas
and in conjunction with the Beyond Printmaking Conference. Juror,
Patricia Villalobos Echeverría

Hudgens Museum exhibition of Atlanta Printmakers Studio 5th
Biennial Print Portfolio Exchange: Deep South and Down Under
Partnering with Firestation Print Studio in Melbourne, Australia

25th annual, Parkside National Small Print International Exhibition,
University of Wisconsin-Parkside Art Galleries University of
Wisconsin, Kenosha, David Jones, juror.

The Chautauqua National Exhibition, Order and Chaos, Giles
Gallery, Easter Kentucky University, Richmond Kentucky

38th Annual Paper in Particular National Exhibition, Sidney
Larson Gallery Department of Visual Arts, Columbia College,
Columbia Missouri

Clemson National Exhibition, Lee Gallery, Clemson University,
Clemson, S.C