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    artist books and prints: obsessing

    In the series, obsessing, I have created a series of one-of-a-kind
    books, in addition to prints that explore this image and idea. In
    these images, private journal texts slow down the gaze of the
    viewer.  Repetitive phases such as "she looks she looks she
    looks, she moves the edges of the night, she finds no source
    within herself, she moves through", create a veil over the body.

    As in my drawings, the body becomes a metaphor for the
    vulnerability expressed in the words.  The words convey an
    obsessive questioning of self, perhaps during the surreal
    atmosphere of night, when the edges are blurry, but the focus
    is intense.  It represents a kind of psychological struggle or
    search for identity. Most of this work was completed between
    1995-2000 and has been exhibited as recently as 2002.  Several
    pieces are included in museum or university collections.